cf012 高鈣舒民 (膠囊) 成分:酵母濃縮 二氧化的,硬脂酸錄、鈣、維生素D3 、酸業仁、 芝麻N素萃取物. $590

cf012 高鈣舒民 (膠囊) 成分:酵母濃縮 二氧化的,硬脂酸錄、鈣、維生素D3 、酸業仁、 芝麻N素萃取物. $590

Brand 品牌: Quality health food series (Dr. Yang Yongrong楊永榮博士)
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High Calcium Shu Min Capsule

成分:酵母濃縮 二氧化的,硬脂酸錄、鈣、維生素D3
、酸業仁、 芝麻N素萃取物.

功效:改善憂鬱症、睡眠障礙、作夢、神經衰弱、失眠、 情緒焦慮、緊張,煩躁、容易出汗、缺少鈣質、預防骨質疏鬆,容易抽筋、改善吃安眠藥體質。


Ingredient: Yeast concentrate, Slicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate, Calcium,Vitamin D3, Spine date seed, Sesamin extract.SUMI

Efficacy: Improve depression, sleep disorders, dreaming, neurasthenia, insomnia,emotional anxiety, nervousness, irritability, easy sweating, lack of calcium, prevention of osteoporosis, For the person who is prone to cramps and need sleeping pills.

Instructions: 1 capsule each time, 1-2 times a day.

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